Split part 2: Rico, New International Champion!

Not long ago I wrote a post about Rico, who is soon to be called a veteran. I have just received his latest photo and he looked as great as he did as a younger, fit, elegant, all well put together… However, we can say, a photo is just a photo, and we know the magic they can do. Well, only few days after I got that photo, I received some FANTASTIC and certainly unedited news. I didn’t know that his owner, Yvonne, had entered him to Split, and when I heard that he won Best of Breed on the 3rd and 4th nights of show (2nd night BOB was Diego who also won the group) I was all over the moon!!
But not only that, I have to say that Danish & Swedish Champion LET IT BE DE TRUFAS NEGRAS aka RICO is now INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!! Such results for this, almost 9 years old dog, make me think about several things, and without going to be boring on personal reflections, one is to remind myself that is never too late to go on, or finish what we started. Second is to confirm that great things remain great all time. And, next, is that I still believe of the importance of the team work, trust and confidence. Rico, is, without doubts, a Great dog, but he wouldn’t be looking so amazing without the effort and care his owner puts in. So, THANK YOU, Yvonne, once again, for taking care of the boys the way you do.


C.I.B, SE, DK, CH. Let it Be de Trufas Negras, in photo 8 years and 10 months old. 

Rico is owned by Yvonne Broberg, kennel New Era, Sweden.


Afonya BISS-1 & BISS-2 & Grand Champion of Israel!

Our friends Stanislava and Ivgi (kennel Vigdergauz) keep coming with good news from shows with our little friend JrCH IsrCH An Affair in Buenos Aires de Trufas Negras.

On 17.06.16 a Double Schnauzer Special Cdlub show was held in Israel and our young fellow did awesomely great!

With Judge Dr. Zafra Sirik (Israel)
CH An Affair in Buenos Aires de Trufas Negras
GCAC, BOB, BIS-1!! Became Grand Ch of Israel

At the second show with Judge Dan Ericsson (Sweden)
CH An Affair in Buenos Aires de Trufas Negras – GCAC, BOB, BIS-2!
Critics: Lovely dog of a beautiful type, very well presented. Excellent coat and movement.
good head, typical front, body and top line. Good mover. Really good coat texture. Just a little yellow but overall beautiful dog.

Keep this going, we are very proud of you!! 🙂

Afonya and baby

Back home after all the winnings, the biggest wins of all, best friend love 🙂 



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schnauzer sculpture


Visiting Messi

I started April traveling to Stockholm. I owed this city a visit since my last time there in 2011 when I brought Diego (INT CH Dire Straits de Trufas Negras) to Yvonne. At that time Stockholm was white and cold, but attractive and with personality.
I needed to find a new excuse to visit the city when it doesn’t look frozen and death, so I accepted Maria Landergård’s invitation to visit her puppies after Messi (WW’15 INT CH  Little Star de Trufas Negras) in the spring. Last time we met was last year in Milano when Messi won World Winner title and BOS.
messi me

I definitively had an awesome time in Stockholm while walking around on my own and discovering that the sun can also shine in this town, sometimes… however some of the greatest time I had was while meeting dogs and breeders.
Of course I was stunned by seeing Messi and having the chance to steal him every night so he would be my night companion; Messi is so easy going he just behaved as he’d knew me forever, LOL, indeed, he’s born in my hands, but it was like he never left me. I know he is like that with everyone, so I do not feel ‘that special’ 🙂
During the week Maria organized two evening where friend breeder came to see the puppies and we shared a nice table, with great food and candle lights, funny anecdotes and of course seeing the most important “The Puppies” – They were the stars of the evening, and they were all more or less well behaved on the table while I tried to stack them so the rest of the guest could have a look.
The photos shared here were taken by Marthe Norström and Marie Bäckström (who has a new born litter after Messi) – They are 6 weeks old and their mother is a lovely female bred by Maria, CH Schnauzi-Hero’s Anthonia of Victory.


Thank you Maria for an amazing time, looking forward to meeting you again soon!