Miniature Schnauzer pepper/salt
Born: 15/01/05

This was my most precious litter as it was the one where all my foundational dogs were born.
I kept 3 out of for dogs from this litter and planned a long term breeding program which has shown results a decade later. Many of this dogs are behind some of my best and most significant dogs in breeding.

Cow Boy de Trufas Negras
Carpe Diem de Trufas Negras
Chelsea is My Name de Trufas Negras
Charming Miracle de Trufas Negras

My cornerstone litter!


Jam’s Ricci & Poveri
Jam’s Luis Miguel
Jerry O’s Sharpshooter O’Daree
Beucinder’s Soot’N’Satin
Kelly’s Debbie Image of Jam’s
Kelly’s Pebwin’s Halelujah
Carolane’s Northern Light’s
Nice Dog Ambar
Karlshof Camaron del Refucilo
Karlshof King of the Road
Esmeralda del Refucilo
Milagros del Buen Aire
Zelebritat Charming Gigolo
Zelebritat Drude