Despiste this being litter ‘B’ the one and only puppy born here was named with another letter.
CH Sternenhoch Diablo de Trufas Negras. He moved to Europe in 2005 and he can actually be found some generations behind in pedigrees of many champions around Europe. He died at very young age of unknown REAL causes, however, it could have been a kidney problem, but NONE of his progeny (+150) had ANY related issue. Today, 13 years after his birth, is not the moment to keep digging for the cause. What could’ve been disclosed was spoken back in time with owners of his progeny.

Jam’s Ricci & Poveri
Jam’s Luis Miguel
Jerry O’s Sharpshooter O’Daree
Beucinder’s Soot’N’Satin
Kelly’s Debbie Image of Jam’s
Kelly’s Pebwin’s Halelujah
Carolane’s Northern Light’s
Nice Dog Ambar
Karlshof Camaron del Refucilo
Karlshof King of the Road
Esmeralda del Refucilo
Milagros del Buen Aire
Zelebritat Charming Gigolo
Zelebritat Drude