New Russian Champion

Back in 2016 ‘Afonya’ won his first Russian CAC at World Dog Show. Two years later he went back to Russian and earned the missing points to the championship.

We can now add RUSSIAN CHAMPION to his name AN AFFAIR IN BUENOS AIRES DE TRUFAS NEGRAS, in addition to JuniorCH, Champion and Grand Champion of Israel 

The first Trufas Negras Russian Champion 💫🐾
afonia Russian CH

Congratulations to owners, Stanislava Vigdergauz and Ivgi Vigdergauz from Israel

Quiero show results March

CH Quiero Mas de Trufas Negras show results from March 2017. Quiero lives in Italy at kennel del Guidante and I’m very proud of this young girl out of my last born Miniature Schnauzer litter (2014). Thank you Luisa Molinari Kunderfranco for the amazing job you do with Quiero!

Graz, Austria
4/3 Klubsiegerschau Judge M. Zidarquierograz
Quiero Mas de Trufas Negras Exc 1 Cac
BIS Couple with Grey Tetis Poker

5/3 IDS Judge Z. Zidar-Fon
Quiero Mas de Trufas Negras Exc 1 CAC CACIB
Best Of Breed
Best Of Group 4th ( judge S. Sinko )

Offenburg, Germany
13/3 IDS Judge Mr. Josef Fertig (D)
CH Quiero Mas de Trufas Negras, Best of Opposite Sex
her father, CH Zelebritat Jackpot was Best of Breed
quiero charlie.jpg

2016 in few lines…

We’ve just moved into a New Year and I think it is always good to honour what the previous year has left, both to celebrate and also to consider improvements for the future.

The main reason for this post is to recognise, thank and celebrate the work of all the people who’ve put efforts in my breeding.

So, to resume a great year I will start with the oldie, he deserves every mention, Rico.

CH Let It Be de Trufas Negras turned 9 years old in 2016 and crowned himself with two new titles and lovely winnings!
He was shown at Split Int Show where he won Best of Breed twice and earned his last CACIB to become INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION! Some weeks later he became also  CHAMPION of Finland and NORDIC CHAMPION!
Last December I had the joy to see him in the ring at Stockholm Int Show, were he entered in veteran class with a top quality competition, first day he won the class and second best male, and second day he was second best veteran. Nothing to complain about this, as all the dogs where pretty famous great quality veterans.

Let It Be de Trufas Negras, International, Swedish, Danish, Finish, Nordic Champion, Copenhagen Winner’12. Pictured at 8,5 yrs old. Owner: Yvonne Broberg, kennel New Era.

Quiero Mas de Trufas Negras is one of my favourite girls as she reminds me so much of her mother, Zissis. Certainly her owner has been working hard on this young girl and brought home a lot great winnings. Quiero has been showing around in Europe and winning Best of Breed in big shows with great quality competition in the ring.
Here are the main titles she obtained in 2016:
-Italian Champion
-Croatian Champion
-Austrian Champion
-Middle East European Winner’16
-Austrian Bundessieger ’16
-Herbstsieger ’16
-Crufts Qualification
What else?? Yes, it is just a resume of the year!!! Too many BOB & BOS too count and also great placements as a couple with Grey Tetis Poker 🙂

CH Quiero Mas de Trufas Negras / owner: Luisa Molinari Kunderfranco, kennel del Guidante, Italy. 

CH An Affair in Buenos Aires de Trufas Negras had represented us very well this year. Not only he became Grand Champion in Israel and had been placed BISS multiple times also BIG. He’s attended the World Dog Show in Russia being just 2 yrs old and had won CAC and was the 3rd best male after two russian born, cropped ear males. Not bad! 🙂

GCH An Affair in Buenos Aires de Trufas Negras / owner: Stanislava & Ivgi Vigdergauz, Israel.

CH Silver Dreams de Trufas Negras, yes, a black & silver… She became a mother this year and right after having pups she was ready to go catch her titles.
German VDH Champion
German PSK Champion
German Winner
Landessiegerin Thüringen.
Leipzig Winner
and just to mention BISS winner, CACIB winner, several BOB & BOS, also CAC  + CACIB in Finland.

CH Silver Dreams de Trufas Negras / owner: Anja Heimburger, Germany.

CH Gardel de Trufas Negras became Norwegian Champion and he’s also multi BOB winner and several group II placements.

gardel CH
CH Gardel de Trufas Negras / owner: Marthe Bersvendsen, Norway.

Tu Diras de Trufas Negras, Keesi, she became Champion of Latvia and also gave birth to a stunning litter, I had the luck to meet her son who is a little copy of her, I look forward to see this young boy growing up!

CH Tu Diras de Trufas Negras / owner: Heli Lillbacka, Finland.

CH Princess of Lemonshire de Trufas Negras and her owner are working hard. Lenny is being trained in obedience and she received her Novice title, well done Shirley and Lenny!!

miniature schnauzer obedience
CH ‘Lenny’ CD  with owner Shirley Sarvas in Canada.

One more mention from the show ring! Diego, CH Dire Straits de Trufas Negras, was just ‘just for fun’ this year at Split and he won Best in Group one of the nights!! Amazing!!

Diego with owner Yvonne Broberg.

Perhaps the most important new for me during 2016 has NOTHING to do with show results, but it’s about my personal dogs, with whom I’ve meet again after one and a half year. Due to personal circumstances of life, continent relocation and other stories, both Irbis and Zissis were living in Finland with great Arja Niemijarvi, whom I thank from my heart to have taken care so preciously of my two little kids.

Irbis & Zissis just arrived in Denmark

HEALTH: there’s been an update in the general status of MAC (microbacterium avium complex) Last June PennGen laboratory in USA has finally made available a DNA test, which for me and my breeding is of great matter. I have already written a long post about this some months ago, so I won’t go further now, but here is the link for who has interest
Another health related issue that I would mention, is the fact that for the first time in 15 years of breeding one of my breeding has been diagnosed with juvenile cataracts. It is very sad news, but not much to do about else than being aware, this is unpredictable and I didn’t have any previous record of these lines producing problems, so I hope it won’t happen again. The dog name is Evita, SiSiSi de Trufas Negras, owned by Kristina Olsson in Sweden.

Wishing you all a Happy 2017!

Trufas Negras kennel.







Quiero Croatian Champion!!

Last weekend at Zagrabria IDS CH Quiero Mas de Trufas Negras became CROATIAN CHAMPION! She also won CACIB and Best of Opposite Sex both days!

BIG BIG Congratulations to her owner Luisa Molinari Kunderfranco and thank you for your effort and dedication!!


Afonya wins 2x Best in Specialty Show in Israel 

Last Saturday 25. 11. 2016  was held  a Double Show by the Schnauzer Club in Israel.
Judges were Natalja and Bo Skalin and our boy GCH An Affair in Buenos Aires de Trufas Negras  was at both shows BEST OF BREED AND BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW WINNER!!!


Huge congratulations to owners Stanislava & Ivgi Vigdergauz. Thanks for the lovely work and dedication with Afonya!


MAC information updated.

Back in 2012 I got some of the most awful news that would impact in my breeding: a bitch that I exported to Australia was diagnosed with MAC.
That is a long old story of which you can read more in the following link if you have interest – at the bottom of the page. 

At that time I had little to nothing of information about the issue, so I freaked out, cried and I immediately contacted the American Miniature Schnauzer Club. There I found support from members of the health committee, at that time Errolyn Martin and Patti Henderson, and I was also put in direct contact with Dr Giger. I’m very thankful to all of them who had given advice on how to proceed with my breeding; they always kept up the idea of not giving up, don’t put aside the affected lines, but be careful. I took up their advises and new discoveries. I informed my partner breeders around the world, all of whom had been actively breeding dogs who were very closely related to the recently discovered MAC case. I found support in ALL of them; we moved on together and alert keeping hold of those precious lines, carefully and attentively.

The only thing I could do back then to be proactive on the matter were informing and disclosing the issue, I was also able to provide some samples to Dr Giger.

Today, thanks to the efforts of TOO MANY PEOPLE GLOBALLY we have  DNA TEST AVAILABLE! I also want to thank every breeder/owner who have donated samples to Dr Giger, it wouldn’t have been possible without their help!! THANK YOU!!

During the last few months several dogs had been tested and I would like to share a list of tested dogs from my kennel, most of them related to the affected bitch, and also offsprings of dogs either bred or owned by me who showed MAC risk on their pedigrees.

Owners have decided to disclose the results whether they are carrier or clear, as we consider them as a TOOL on which we can now plan our breeding and get rid of MAC in very few generations.


It is important to understand that CARRIER shouldn’t be removed from breeding but be bred to a CLEAR dog and then test their progeny, and so on. CARRIER to CLEAR will not produce an affected.
– Two Clears (CC x 2) will always produce clears.
– Two affecteds (mm x 2) will give 100% affected.
– Clear (CC) to an affected (mm) will give 100% carriers.
– Carrier (Cm) mated to a Clear (CC) cannot produce affecteds – 50% clear & 50% carriers.
– Carrier (Cm) mated to an affected (mm) – 50% affected & 50% carriers.
– Two Carriers (Cm x 2) will give CC Cm Cm mm – 25% clear, 50% carriers & 25% affected.

I find it important to share AMSC link to MAC, this is the most updated site where you can find the latest news on the matter, and Dr. Gigers comments about it. Please help share this information so we stop the misinformation that has been going on for a long time!   – PLEASE VISIT, READ CAREFUL, SHARE!!!!

I find this link particularly interesting with Dr. Giger’s slide presentation at Montgomery 2016, , from page 6 you will find some simple and factual information.  

If you need to buy swabs for testing your dogs, you can get them here:

Link to PennGen laboratory in USA to test your miniature schnauzer

I say good-bye quoting Charles Darwin “It is the long history of human-kind (and animal-kind too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed” and I dedicate these words to all who took part on the efforts that made possible today’s most useful tool we have against MAC: DNA TEST!

Use it 😉 

Trufas Negras Miniature Schnauzers 

*Feel free to share this post and the information contained in it*



Quiero Middle East European Winner & Austrian Bundessieger.

Last Weekend at Int. Dog show in Tulln, Austria, CH Quiero Mas de Trufas Negras was awarded Middle East European Winner, Austrian Bundessieger, with Crufts Qualification!
She obtained 2 CAC’s, 2 CACIB’s, and was Best of Breed one day!
Huge congratulations to her owner, Luisa Molinari Kunderfranco, Italy.


Rico Finnish & Nordic Champion.

Last September 25th at Finnish kennelclub’s international dogshow in Åland Finland. Rico  won Best of Opposite Sex, with CAC & CACIB and, now, we can say that  SE UCH, DK UCH, C.I.B, Copenhagen Winner ’12 Let It Be De Trufas Negras is also FINNISH CHAMPION & NORDIC CHAMPION !!!  He will soon be 9 years old and he is still proving his high quality. HUGE Congratulations Yvonne, and THANK YOU 🙂

SE, DK, FI, Nordic CH. CIB, KHV’12 Let it Be de Trufas Negras


Siva BISS + New Champion VDH & PSK

On September 17 was help at specialty show by KSA in Helmstedt, Germany – the judge was Nico Kersten, and our little “Siva” SILVER DREAMS DE TRUFAS NEGRAS got Ex 1 in Champion class, Best Of Breed and BEST IN SHOW – with these new points she became GERMAN CHAMPION VDH & PSK !!!


Huge congratulations to Siva and her owner Anja Heimburger!! I’m very proud of them as Siva is my first homebred BS Champion! 🙂