Finland, part 2.

I’m making some efforts to track old news from the last few months. Today I have the second part of Finland ready, the report of the day refers to news from kennel Xtravaschnauza.

During the past winter months the youngest girl that Heli owns from me, Keesi, became Champion of Latvia!
CH Tu Dirás de Trufas Negras, KEESI, was born the 4th of July 2014, one of my last whelped litters, Zissis ex Charlie (my last two litters were born on that same day).

According to judge Erwin Deutscher: Very nice expression. Correct head, ears and tail. Harsh coat. Very nice pepper&salt. Correct front and size. Strong chest. Excellent angulations, movements and temperament.

The previous is an old photo when she was 12 months old… We are waiting to have photos when she is not on a sofa 😉

By date 9.5.16,her health status is: Eyes clear (05/2015), Knees 0/0, Myotonia congenita: N/N (non-carrier).
See her pedigree in Finnish database:

As Mentioned before Keesi is the youngest of the girls that Heli owns from me; and I would like to share some photos of the progeny of another of her girls CH Liberté de Trufas Negras (sister of WW’15).

One of Heli’s youngest boys currently showing:  JCH Xtravaschnauza Nextraordinary and one of my favorite boys 🙂 I was lucky to see him as 8 weeks old puppy and I could follow his progress on photos, I’m looking forward to see him again someday.

In photos at 14 months old

See his pedigree on the Finnish database:
And here is another boy after Liberté who became Finnish Champion in his first show after his 2nd birthday; LV & LT CH, LV & LT JCH, LV JV-15, RIGAW-15 Xtravaschnauza Latitude in photo winning CAC, BOS and  Finnish Champion byJudge T. Ahlman-Stockmari. 


See his pedigree on Finnish database: 

Congratulations to Heli and good luck with the young generations!


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